Why Should The Classroom Choose Flat Pack Containers House?


If students in remote areas can save time in school and […]

If students in remote areas can save time in school and devote more time to their studies, I believe this will be a great boon for children in remote areas. How can it be done?

Flat pack container houses are the most suitable choice. Why choose flat pack containers house? There are several reasons:

The cost of flat pack containers house is relatively low compared to traditional buildings;

The service life can reach more than 15 years, and it can be disassembled and recycled at will;

The wallboard is made of sandwich panels. The internal materials of the sandwich panels can be selected from rock wool, glass wool, EPS and other sandwich materials. These materials have the function of heat preservation and heat insulation, and the effect of sound insulation is also good;

Special paint can be sprayed according to demand, and decorative exterior wall finishes, glass curtain walls, outdoor platforms and other elements can be added. Environmentally friendly materials, quality and safety are assured;

The flat pack containers house can be stacked.

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