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What are the materials used in container homes?

22 Mar, 2024

The primary materials used in container homes include:

· Structural frame: Usually made of steel, providing good load-bearing and wind-resistant performance.

· Walls: Common materials include corrugated steel sheets, steel sandwich panels, fiberglass sandwich panels, rock wool panels, foam boards, etc.

· Roof: Common materials include corrugated steel sheets, steel sandwich panels, asphalt shingles, polycarbonate panels, etc.

· Doors and windows: Common materials include steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, plastic steel doors and windows, etc.

· Flooring: Common materials include wooden floors, tiles, cement mortar, etc.

· Insulation materials: Common materials include glass wool, rock wool, foam boards, etc.

· Decoration materials: Common materials include paint, wallpaper, tiles, etc.

The specific choice of materials depends on the intended use, environment, and budget of the container home.

Here are some common material combinations for container homes:

· Economy: Steel frame + corrugated steel walls + corrugated steel roof + steel doors and windows + wooden floor

· Standard: Steel frame + steel sandwich panels walls + steel sandwich panels roof + aluminum alloy doors and windows + tile floor

· Luxury: Steel frame + fiberglass sandwich panels walls + high strength PU roof + plastic steel doors and windows + wooden floor + rock wool insulation + paint decoration

Container homes offer several advantages:

· Modular: Easy to manufacture, transport, and install

· Mobile: Can be disassembled and relocated as needed

· Flexible: Can be combined and modified according to requirements

· Cost-effective: Relatively low construction cost

· Durable: Long service life

· Versatile: Applicable for various purposes

container homes are widely used in construction sites, temporary locations, disaster relief, commercial applications, and more.

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