Which Factors Should be Considered in Building A Steel Structure Warehouse?


Recently, more and more people have come to inquire abo […]

Recently, more and more people have come to inquire about how to budget the cost of steel structure warehouses. PTH will now teach you a detailed analysis: the prices of light steel structure warehouses vary greatly due to different materials and quotation methods adopted by different manufacturers. As a result, there is a lot of water in many cost budgets, and even many professionals are difficult to calculate the actual cost of light steel structure warehouses, which requires accountants to pay attention to the detailed calculation when communicating with manufacturers to avoid major losses.

Let's take a simple single-story light steel warehouse as an example to analyze for you:

1. span and height of warehouse

The light steel structure warehouse with a span of 15 meters is a watershed. The cost per unit area will decrease with the increase of the span, but the cost per unit area will increase with the decrease of the span if the span is less than 15 meters.

The height of the standard steel structure warehouse is generally 6 -8 meters. The increase in height will affect the safety of the structure, so the steel consumption of the structure will increase accordingly and eventually affect the overall cost.

2. Material cost

The material of light steel structure warehouse is mainly steel, and its price is relatively stable. Due to the current overcapacity in China, the price of steel has been lowered, and the average price is kept at 3,300 yuan per ton, which is already quite cheap. Then calculate the steel consumption of the whole warehouse and multiply it.

3. Labor costs

The labor cost of light steel structure is generally about 3 months for this simple single-story light steel structure warehouse. The labor cost needs 20 people. The corresponding cost can be calculated according to the average cost of 3000 yuan per person per month.

4. Other

Including technical costs and engineering costs. The technical cost includes the preliminary design and drawing, which many manufacturers do not consider, but the detailed design will reduce the waste in the later construction process, which can be estimated at about 10,000 yuan.

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