Many People Don’t Know Much about Flat Pack Container House


Nowadays, in many rural areas, it is not recommended to […]

Nowadays, in many rural areas, it is not recommended to use red bricks to build houses, because red bricks waste resources and cause pollution, and the insulation effect is not good, so many places use new materials. The flat pack container house made of this material is warm in winter and cool in summer without pollution. It has many advantages. This new material is called light gauge steel.

Many people don't know much about flat pack container house. Here, it is easy to understand that you can regard the light steel villa as a whole. The whole consists of some components, which are pre-finished in the factory in advance, and only need to be assembled when they are obtained on the construction site. It can be said that a villa can be built within a few days.

The flat pack container house is composed of structural system, ground system, floor system, wall system and roof system. Each system is composed of several unit modules. The unit modules are manufactured in the factory, and the house is assembled by unit modules on site. The flat pack container house can be disassembled and moved without damaging the land. It has realized the transformation from the "real estate" characteristic of the house to the "movable property" characteristic, and has realized the complete separation of "real estate" and "real estate".

Compared with the traditional brick-concrete structure house, the flat pack container house has irreplaceable advantages:

1. The wall thickness of an ordinary brick-concrete house is 240mm, while the mobile house is smaller than the mobile house under the same regional conditions. The indoor usable area of ​​an integrated house is much larger than that of a traditional brick-concrete house.

2. The flat pack container house has good heat insulation performance, and its design emphasizes safety and livability. The box house has its own thermal insulation function to avoid thermal bridges. It is very warm in winter and cool in summer. In most areas, it is basically not necessary to burn the stove in winter and air conditioning in summer.

3. It also has good earthquake resistance. Because it uses light steel keel as the load-bearing structure of the house, the steel structure house has good toughness and ductility, and can withstand earthquakes of magnitude 8 or more and resist hurricanes of magnitude 13 or more. Very safe and useful.

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