You Have Your Own House in 10 Minutes?


PTH is a professional modular house factory. Modular ho […]

PTH is a professional modular house factory. Modular houses can automatically deploy and deploy the structure of houses. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes, and there is no need for house builders to intervene or to lay any foundation.

The modular house can be combined and shrunk into a unit box the size of a truck carriage. After delivery, the unit box will expand to three times its space, and then a small house will be formed. All internal fittings and fixing devices of the house will be installed in advance. More importantly, the modular system is reversible, which means that it can also be moved by folding back the unit box.

The internal layout of a single unit box can be interchanged through a series of foldable partitions. The owner can provide the manufacturer with a floor plan of the room, and then the manufacturer forms various spaces by installing templates. At the same time, the module house has off-grid power system, battery and water treatment system.

Because modularity itself is expandable, this means that a group of houses can be formed after a plurality of unit boxes are combined, which can be connected with each other and stacked, so as to realize houses with larger space and even become the target of hotel-style buildings.

PTH hopes to build some affordable housing in a modular way as much as possible, which can be applied to more places and help more people.

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