Types and Characteristics of Container Offices


Container house, also called container mobile house, re […]

Container house, also called container mobile house, refers to a simple residence with windows and doors, which is mainly based on containers and has been transformed.

Container is a large loading container with certain strength, rigidity and specifications. The size is close to that of the building room, and the length is mainly 6m and 12m, the height is about 2.5m, and the width is 2.4m ..

People refit containers, open doors and windows, decorate them internally, and equip them with furniture and electrical equipment such as beds and sofas to transform them into container houses. After exterior decoration, this container house is almost the same as the one we usually live in.

Container is a common type of container building as an office space. Container buildings as office space mostly keep the original characteristics of containers and do not make too many decorative designs on the outside to reflect the industrial characteristics of containers.

At the same time, container offices are also divided into temporary office space and semi-permanent office space. Temporary office space can also become a container display room or temporary simple office area and other building types that need to be erected in a short time and put into use quickly.

Apart from the temporary offices of single-box or double-box containers, there are more modular container houses.

The comprehensive container office has more perfect functions such as bathroom, restaurant, warehouse, dormitory, office, conference room, etc. It is more popular with customers who need semi-permanent office space.

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