Seven Matters Needing Attention in Building Steel Structure Buildings


Steel structure building technology is simple and has g […]

Steel structure building technology is simple and has good stability and earthquake resistance, which has won the recognition of the masses. In the era of advocating green building, whether in rural or urban areas, it seems to be an inevitable trend to build houses with steel structure.

Steel structure housing is made up of various components, so what problems should we pay attention to when building steel structure housing? To ensure the quality and stability of steel structure housing. Today, let's discuss some related knowledge about building steel structure housing.

1. To understand the original structure layout, choose a reasonable steel structure and the original structure connection position and connection form, avoid steel structure load damage to the original structure.

2. The arrangement of primary and secondary steel beams of steel structure should be combined with the building, decoration and installation design of attic to avoid or reduce the secondary damage to steel structure during decoration and installation.

3. It is not recommended to use hollow steel such as square steel and pipe steel, because it is difficult to brush anti-rust paint inside the steel, and the cold and heat changes in the north. The rusting of steel condensate will pollute the ceiling and wall surface, which will seriously endanger the safety.

4. The stress of steel structure layout should be clear, and the transmission route of force should be clear and concise. Because the stress vibration of steel structure itself is obvious, it needs accurate analysis and calculation, strictly control the structural deformation and vibration frequency, ensure the visual beauty of the structure, eliminate the resonance between the structure and human activities, avoid the shear fatigue damage of the structure caused by resonance phenomenon, and at the same time ensure the comfort during use.

5. Generally, we have 10, 12, 14 and 16 specifications to choose from in the purchase of steel (channel steel and I-beam). No matter what specifications you choose, it is recommended to use "national standard" steel because its steel and specifications are superior to "non-standard steel". Non-standard steel has high hardness, brittle steel, poor ductility, and is difficult to cut and punch.

6. Before fixing the channel steel, the side of the channel steel against the wall should be painted with anti-rust paint, but other parts should be painted after welding, otherwise the welding work will be affected.

7. When building steel structures, pay attention to that I-beams and channel steel must be of the same specification, and "full welding" must be selected. The main keel should be whole steel, and intermediate welding is strictly prohibited.

There are many objective factors affecting steel structure in nature, so it is necessary to select the type of steel structure and make corresponding protective treatment according to the geographical environment and climate when building steel structure. In the process of steel structure installation and production, every link and every detail are interlocking, so the construction technicians should have enough patience to ensure the quality of every link, and finally return it to the employer for a safe and reliable home.

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