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You Can Also Have Luxury Houses And Villas

Is villa a symbol of noble life in your eyes? Their appearance is often like this:

With the emergence of various new building materials, villas are no longer synonymous with luxury. In particular, the appearance of light steel villas has greatly improved the overall performance of the villas, which is not only exquisite in appearance but also safe in case of an earthquake. It can be said that light steel villas will become the first choice for rural residential construction in the next few to several decades without much problem.

Light steel villas are light and light in wall and large in space, and can cope with various complex geographical environments. At the same time, light steel villas can be prefabricated in factories and formed at one time, which can greatly reduce the construction period. From the aspects of appearance, safety, cost performance and so on, the performance of light steel villas cannot be compared with traditional houses.

Then the question arises. Price is the most important and concerned topic for consumers.

For example, how much does it cost to build a 200 square meter villa?

If it is of high quality, the brick-concrete structure with ordinary exterior wall decoration is generally around 1500 per square meter, that is to say, about 300,000 can be built, which is different from place to place. Where is the decoration? According to common standards, 200 square meters generally requires about 200,000. Cost of 200 square meters of self-built villa: the main cost is about 300,000+over 200,000 for decoration.

The cost of light steel villas currently ranges from 1,500 yuan to 4,500 yuan per square meter in the market, with 2,000 yuan per square meter as an example. The cost of building a 200 square meter self-built villa is about 400,000 yuan for the main body+80,000 yuan for decoration.

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