Application And Solution of Container House in Worker Camp


Container houses are one of the indispensable requireme […]

Container houses are one of the indispensable requirements for construction sites. They are economical and practical, and can be manufactured quickly and easily.

Container houses can be transported by trailers when they need to be moved, and insulated according to weather and environment requirements.

PTH provides container solutions for various needs. We can propose different solutions to meet every requirement of our customers.

Our containers are the first choice and used in workers and oil camps, military camps and refugee camps, and can meet various needs whether it is for short-term mobilization or permanent settlement.

We provide stair landing and roof options for containers, which are beautiful and practical.

PTH definitely has a container model that can meet all such needs in the workplace area, such as offices, cafeterias, WC showers, dormitories, medical rooms, gyms, camps, etc.