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Philippine Container House Hotel

Case Details

Project No: PT160158

Time: 2016

Location: Philippines

Product Type: CTR-F series

Scale: 73sets

Usage: Training school accommodation hotel

Project Features

1. High difficulty of design: The design of this project involves many professions, including architecture, structure, indoor and outdoor water supply and drainage, indoor and outdoor electricity and weak and outdoor rainwater collection and septic tank design. The project difficulty coefficient and quality requirements are relatively high.

2. Fire Protection Requirements: The roof of the container house strictly meets the requirements of first-class fire protection.

3. Pipeline System: The pipeline system adopts the method of pipeline well.

4. Easy to Install: It is necessary to mention that in order to reduce the commissioning workload of on-site installation, we added the method of positioning cones at the bottom of the container house. 

5. Anti Odor Function: In this project, in order to meet the customer's deodorant function requirements, we adopted the deodorant floor drain method under the drain.

Design Drawings