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Double Storey School in Maldives

Case Details

Project No: PT170419

Time: 2017

Location: Maldives

Product Type: Double- C + Light Gauge Steel

Scale: 2058m²

Usage: School

Project Features

1.Structural System: Main structure is double-C structure with light gauge steel wall frame.

2.Multiple Functions: Including classrooms, teachers' offices, libraries, computer rooms, toilets, etc.

3.Excellent Performance: For structural strength, safety performance, use space and cost considerations, the main frame of the whole building is a double-braced C structure; the wall, roof, floor structure is light steel structure; the wall enclosure is cement fiber board plus new decorative board Materials, the whole building is more beautiful. 

4.Building Code: Both the structural design and the material selection of the entire project are in line with the building codes and architectural styles of the local school in Maldives.

Design Drawings