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Temporary Workers' Dormitory In Laos

Case Details

Project No: PT180634

Time: 2018

Location: Laos

Product Type: CTR-D series

Scale: 8 sets

Usage: Temporary worker dormitory

Project Features

1.Reserved Hole Position: The upper part of the component contains reserved holes. Including 12mm threaded holes and self-tapping screw pre-holes, no need to stake out holes on site.

2.Easy to Install: The structure is easy to install, the types of components are few, and the installation on site is convenient.

3.Flexible Adjustment: Wall panels can be interchanged in position and compatible with a variety of housing uses.

4.Insulation Requirements: For special areas with high temperature requirements, the insulation can be achieved by replacing the wall panels and increasing the top and bottom insulation.

Design Drawings