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Light Steel Villa is A Young And Vital Steel Structure System

25 Apr, 2023

There is indeed no uniform standard for light steel structure houses, and many experienced designers or project managers often cannot fully explain, but we can comprehensively consider and judge with some data:

1. The crane lifting the weight of the workshop: more than or equal to 25 tons, it can be considered as a heavy steel structure.

2. Steel consumption per square meter: greater than or equal to 50KG/M2, which can be considered as heavy steel structure.

3. The thickness of the steel plate of the main component: greater than or equal to 10mm, less used for light steel structure.

Light steel villa is a young and very vital steel structure system, which has been widely used in general industrial and agricultural, commercial, and service buildings, such as office buildings, villas, warehouses, stadiums, entertainment, tourist buildings, and low and high-rise residential buildings. In construction and other fields, it can also be used in areas with increased floors, renovation, reinforcement and lack of building materials, areas with inconvenient transportation, tight construction schedules, movable demolition buildings, etc., which are highly favored by owners, mainly with the following characteristics:

1. Using high-efficiency lightweight thin-walled profiles, lightweight, high strength, and small occupation area.

2. The components are all automated, continuous and high-precision production, product specifications are serialized, finalized, and matched, and the dimensions of each part are accurate.

3. Structural design, detailed drawing design, computer simulation installation, factory manufacturing, site installation, etc. are carried out simultaneously with a small time difference.

4. The dry construction method above basic, no wet work, easy to get the interior decoration in place at one time. After the profile is galvanized and coated, the appearance is beautiful and anticorrosive, which is beneficial to reduce the cost of enclosure and decoration.

5. It is convenient to expand the column distance and provide larger separation space, which can reduce the story height and increase the building area (the residential area can reach 92%), and it has obvious advantages in adding floors, reforming, and strengthening.

6. The new wall material has a wide range of applications, a large number of lighting belts are used, and the ventilation conditions are good.

7. The indoor plumbing and electrical pipelines are all concealed in the wall and between the floors, with a flexible layout and easy modification.

8. The house can be relocated, all materials can be recycled, no garbage is generated, and it is in line with the sustainable development strategy.

Except that the foundation is constructed in accordance with the traditional structural form (the amount of foundation engineering is also less than that of the traditional reinforced concrete structure form), the construction of steel structure houses has completely realized factory prefabrication and on-site assembly construction. After the components are installed in place, they will reach 100% strength without intermittent construction technology, which improves labor productivity. The components are precisely processed in accordance with the design drawings, and the on-site construction is completely dry, and the construction is highly civilized.

The installation technology is easy to master, and an ordinary worker can perform installation operations proficiently after two days of training. The construction speed is fast, and the investment in real estate development is returned quickly. It only takes one to two weeks to complete the installation of the main structure of a 200-300 square meter house, and it only takes one month to reach the rough decoration standard.

The thermal conductivity of the outer wall of the light steel villa is only 0.46; the sound insulation performance of the light steel structure composite wall can reach more than 50dB; the excellent heat insulation and sound insulation performance not only provides the residents with a healthy and comfortable living environment but also compares with the reinforced concrete structure, Energy-saving can reach 60%~70%.

If you are interested in light gauge steel project engineering, welcome to contact us.

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