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Container Houses Are Widely Used, With Different Types And Shapes

25 Apr, 2023

Container house construction, as a young branch of the building structure system, has a wide range of uses and different types and shapes. It is another architectural system that hits the fashion trend again and again, which can be moved to various places anytime and anywhere, bringing people a more convenient life. So, what are the advantages of container house construction?

Container house construction has one thing in common, that is, standard containers, like Lego bricks, can be combined to create almost anything according to user needs. Container house construction is a temporary building, public building, family residence and other mixed-function buildings.

In China, the innovation of container houses and modular buildings has entered the practical stage, including innovative design, space design, highly integrated design, material application, intelligent technology, etc.

The application of in the modular building of the container house enables the modular building of the container to have multiple functions, which can now meet the market application needs of tourist attractions, RV camps, and theme parks.

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