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How To Choose A Suitable Integrated House Manufacturer?

Prefabricated houses are becoming more and more well-known, so how do we choose a manufacturer of prefabricated integrated houses that suits us? Here are a few points, and those who are interested can continue to look down:

1. Using light and thin-walled profiles, lightweight, high strength, and small footprint.

2. Parts and accessories are automated, continuous, and high-precision production. Product specifications are serialized, finalized, and matched. The size of each part is very accurate.

3. Structural design, detailed drawing design, computer simulation installation, factory manufacturing and on-site installation are carried out simultaneously. The time difference is small, and the interior decoration is easy to be in place at one time. After galvanizing and coating, the profile has a beautiful appearance and corrosion resistance, which is beneficial to reduce the cost of closure and maintenance.

4. It is convenient to expand the column spacing and provide larger separation space. It can reduce the height of the floor and increase the building area. It has obvious advantages in adding floors, reforming and strengthening.

5. This new type of wall material is widely used, uses a large number of lighting belts, and has good ventilation conditions.

6. The indoor pipes and heating electrical pipes are all hidden in the walls and floor, with flexible layout and convenient modification.

7. To reduce environmental pollution caused by waste, steel structure materials can be recycled, and most other supporting materials can also be recycled, which is in line with current environmental protection awareness. All materials are green building materials that meet the requirements of the ecological environment and are beneficial to health.

8. The light steel wall adopts an energy-saving system with breathing function and can adjust indoor air humidity. The roof has a ventilation function, which can form a flowing air chamber inside the roof to ensure the ventilation and heat dissipation requirements inside the roof.

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