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Steel Structure Warehouse

PTH provides single-storey steel structure building and multi-storey steel structure warehouse building. Steel structure warehouse building is made of heavy steel frame and cladding panels, doors and windows etc.
The main steel frame makes up the load-bearing structure, and it's easy to install & reinstall, saving you money on labor. prefabricated warehouse

Prefabricated warehouse can be built within fewer construction time, and the building can be delivered directly to the site. It is also environmentally friendly. PTH steel framework warehouse is ideal for online logistics centers, distribution centers etc.

  • Connection node

  • Main steel parts

  • T-shape footing-1

PTH Steel Structure Warehouse is made of steel columns, beams, purlins, roof purlins etc. 
Main Column and rafter are welded H -steel, purlin is steel with galvanization 275g/m2, can be C or Z section. Secondary steel components are L- steel, CHS, SHS, RHS, round steel rod, etc. Most of the steel componnets are connected by bolts. Options: one floor or multi-floor, crane, skylight, ventilation etc.

Our advantage

  1. 1. Size can be customized
  2. 2. Large span, clear span can reach to 70m without middle colums
  3. 3. Environment protective, no garbage caused, low demand of foundation 
  4. 4. Doors, windows, and interior partitions can be customized and flexibly fixed
  5. 5. Beautiful appearance, different colors for the wall and roof cladding
  6. 6. Cost saving and convenient transportation 
  7. 7. Fast installation and easy to maintenance
  8. 8. Anti-rust and normally more than 50years using lifespan, surface treament can be paint or hot dip galvanization
  9. 9. Safe and stable, can resist 8 grade earthquake 
  10. 10. Structure can be designed according to the required live load and local snow load and wind load, can resist typhoon/hurricane

Steel Structure specification

Main Structure


Q355/Q235  H- steel , Box column is also available

Rafter, Beam

Q355/Q235  H- steel

Surface processing options

1. Epoxy zinc-rich primer + epoxy mica intermediate paint (120μm thickness)

2. Hot dip galvanization

Sub Structure



Q355B, C/Z steel section, galvanization 275g/m2

Angle brace

Q235B, L- steel

Cross bracing

Q235B round bar, L-steel

Tie bar

Q235B, round pipe

Batter brace

Q235B, round bar

Roof System


Roof panel options

1. Insulated sandwich panel, PU, rock wool, glass fiber, EPS. Two sides is steel sheet. Thickness of roof panel 50mm/75mm/100mm, thickness of steel sheet 0.4mm/0.5mm/0.6mm

2. Steel plate, thickness 0.4mm/0.5mm/mm

Gutter options

1. Galvanized steel gutter, thickness 2.0mm/2.5mm, 3.0mm

2. Painted, Pre-finished steel gutter, thickness 0.4mm/0.5mm/0.6mm

Down spout

PVC pipe

Accessory Production

1.Raw Material Stacking
2.Flame Cutting
4.Submerged,Arc Welding
6.Spot Welding
7.Shot Blasting

Steel Structure Accessories

Corrugated Color Steel Panel
EPS Sandwich Panel
Glazed Tile
PU Sandwich Panel
Corrugated Sandwich Panel
Rock wool Sandwich Panel
Waveform Color Steel Panel
Floor Deck
Z-Shape Purlines
C-Shape Purlines
Steel Components
Steel Components
Steel Components
Steel Components
Steel Components
Fire-proof Door
Sliding Door
Shutter Doors
Hexagon Self-drilling Screw
Expansion Bolt
High Strength Bolt
Chemical Bolt
Combined Anchor Bolt

Besides the above common options, we can also customize anyother requirements.

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