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Africa Gabon Hotel :::

Africa Gabon Hotel
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Project time : 2011.4-2011.12 
Project Location : Gabon, Africa
Category : Integrated Hotel
Product type : Steel Structure Building


Product Description :::

In order to prepare for the coming 2012 African Cups of Nations and offer excellent accommodation and facilities for visitors, Gabon Government contacted PTH to build 5-star multi-functional luxury hotel that meet their local standards in both Libreville and Franceville.




Project Design



PTH offered whole solutions to fully functional hotels in developing countries.
The hotel in Libreville was the same as the hotel in Franceville in appearance, structure, layout and feature.
The hotel is composed by 2 buildings (3 floors) and 3 outbuildings (1 floor) with the total size of 9350 square meters.


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In the beginning of cooperation process, PTH proposed a bilateral stream of collaboration that ensures every details the client concerned was transferred to the drawings.
PTH team of experienced designers and sales stuff added value through problem finding and problem solving in the planning stage, They design room layout including suites, chambers, and the layout of various functional areas like lobby, restaurant, bar, kitchen, service room, luggage room, office room, changing rooms, massage room, gym room, sauna, computer room, Laundry room, generator room, toilets. Besides the layout design and structural engineering, PTH also took charge of water supply&drainage system, electrical power system and HVAC system.





Manufacturing Process


Our material meet civil construction standards about insulation and fire-proof under severe cold environment. All the wall panels are rock wool sandwich panel with steel sheet(Baosteel brand) the thickness of interior wall reach to 60mm,exterior wall reach to 75mm, the aisle wall reach to 100mm.Window in interior wall is aluminum single-glazed, in exterior wall is aluminum double-glazed. Base frame is composed of box beam structure and casting parts. Floor panel is waterproof laminate sheathing floor and PVC floor, with glass wool insulation. Roof frame is composed of box beam structure,reinforced steel truss as secondary beam, insulation in roof is PU which is 75mm of thickness resulting in the advantages of excellent thermal insulating effect. In particular, washroom uses stainless steel wall panels to prevent rust or corrosion.





On Site Installation



The most challenge part for PTH is the timeline. That is, only 8 months were left for PTH, from beginning to finish of the whole project. Considering the lack of labor forces and other uncertainties, PTH sent a team consists of 3 project managers, 2 translators and 138 builders offering construction services. It took 5 months to finish installation and decoration work to enable visitors to check in immediately.





PTH is one of the best turn-key solution provider for large-scale projects which require for efficiency and functionality.



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