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PTH Prefab-X SPD House Display - Indoor and Outdoor
PrefabX SPD design is fully equipped with electrical, plumbing, sanitary facilities, kitchen cabinet, smart AC system etc.The folding design concept is easy to be assembled without the assistance of professional builders.
2 sizes are available: 39m² and 26m²
2 colors for choice: Black and White
1. Service life 50+ years
2. wind resistance is 200km/h (Level 16) or stronger. 
3. Sound insulation performance is more than 60db. 
4. Anti-seismic is second level (9 degrees). 
5. And it needs only 8 hours to set up and move in. 
6. The smart AC system provides constant temperature , comfortable humidity and fresh oxygen environment. 
7. Ther existed designs available 26m², 39m², we can do customized design to satisfy most families’ needs.