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Steel structure

Hot-Selling Products For Steel Structure Building 630m²

Area: 630m²
Usage: Sports car modification plant


Solution Details

  • Accessory Production
  • Packaging And Logistic
  • Product Assembly

As a famous China Hot-Selling Products For Steel Structure Building 630m² suppliers, PTH provides single-story steel structure building and multi-story steel structure building.Since all the parts are prefabricated in the factory, it can efficiently shorten the construction time and reduce labor cost for the client.

Design of uniformed parts can reduce the packaging volume. Each parts is packed independently, and then grouped together for ease of shipping loading and unloading, thus save much of the manpower required.

PTH products are manufactured from fully automatic production lines. Each component will be ink jet marked with its corresponding code, further enhance the ease of installation procedure. Installation package will include detailed drawings and video.

Prefab Container House Solutions

  • Steel Structure – Plant / Warehouse
  • Steel Structure – Public Sector
  • Steel Structure – Special Application

When designing factories and warehouses, the structure needs to consider its loading and ventilation requirements. Structural solution is mainly to deal with the combination of vertical and lateral structural systems. Lateral system is consisted of framing structures (e.g. roof trusses, joists and columns) as the load bearing elements for the roof loading, wind loading, seismic loading, and loading for hoisting etc. Vertical system is consisted of columns, column bracings and loading bearing walls. Also exterior wall frames and roof bracing are part of the structural structure.

PTH Steel structure can be applied together with traditional concrete structure, light gauges steel system and other systems, in order to suit the architecture and functional requirements, such as hospital, stadium, apartment and retail…

Compare to the traditional concrete structures, steel structures offer enhanced structural strength, life expectancy, seismic resistance, structural loading, capable of situated in harsh outdoor conditions. PTH Steel structures are pre-engineered and pre-fabricated in the factory for onsite installation. It can be designed to suit most stringent architectural requirements, thus this kind of steel structure is commonly used in special application like the steel towers and steel bridges.


Product Design System

For large steel structures, PTH’s design staffs and engineers utilizes design software SAP2000, Tekla for shop drawings. Based on the parameters of each project, we perform engineering calculation, analysis, and establish English report, architectural and structural working drawings, 3D modeling and respective digital animation.

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