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2-bed 2-hall 1-kitchen 1-bath

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ECO-74㎡ ECO-74㎡ ECO-74㎡ ECO-74㎡
  • ECO-74㎡
  • ECO-74㎡
  • ECO-74㎡
  • ECO-74㎡

General Introduction:

  1. The house covers an area of 74m², eave height is 2.44m, and the indoor ceiling height is 2.4m.
  2. House type is 2 rooms, 2 halls, 1 kitchen and 1 bathroom.
  3. The house structure adopts integrated modular wall + steel frame + light steel roof, clients only need to install the decorative finishes of internal and external wall on site.


House Specification:

  1. Frame: wall system uses integrated wall+steel frame, roof system uses light steel roof.
  2. Roof:0.8mm standing seam roofing panels,surface coating is Aluminum Zinc Magnesium galvanized 100g/m²+high weather resistant paint 18/5um. Roof insulation uses 100mm glass wool+ Aluminum foil.
  3. Wall:modular wall (Double-sided 9mm OSB board, filled with fire-proof real gold board), and the internal wall uses bamboo fiberboard (cloth pattern), bathroom wall uses waterproof coating + waterproof bamboo fiberboard (marble pattern). The external wall uses a 27mm golden plate (installed on site).
  4. Floor: bathroom floor uses ceramic tile, living room uses SPC floor. They can be replaced with other materials.
  5. Electricity:optional,standard is Chinese standard.
  6. Sanitary configuration:1set ceramic WC seat, 1set shower,1set cabinet sink,1pc glass shower partition.
  7. Kitchen configuration:floor cabinet-L(2600-1800)*600mm、stainless steel sink and faucet.


House area: 74m²
Eave height: 2.44m
Indoor net height: 2.4m
Anti Seismic: Second level (9 degrees)
Wind-resistance: 200km/h (Level 16)
Wind load: 250km/h (calculated on 5S wind speed)
Snow load: 0.00 KN/M2
Roof dead load: 0.30 KN/M2
Roof live load: 0.50 KN/M2
Durability: 50 years
Loading: 40 ft HQ
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