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Size: 6058mm*2438mm*2591mm*2

Usage: Dormitory, residential villa,etc.

Layout: 3 rooms,1 kitchen, 1 bathroom


Solution Details

  • Production Of Components
  • Packaging And Logistic
  • Product Assembly

As a famous China 6058mm*2438mm*2591mm*2 Flat-Pack Container House suppliers, PTH, who has hundreds of fully automatic mechanized production lines, it adopts fully automatic production line such as robot welding, which can reduce the manual error and improve the uniformity of the weld seam. This efficient way can greatly accelerate the production speed, and provide strong technical support for the “seven-day delivery” of the standard container.

Design of uniformed parts can reduce the packaging volume. Each parts is packed independently, and then grouped together for ease of shipping loading and unloading, thus save much of the manpower required.

PTH products are manufactured from fully automatic production lines. Each component will be ink jet marked with its corresponding code, further enhance the ease of installation procedure. No heavy lifting equipment will be required. Installation package will include detailed drawings and video.

Prefab Container House Solutions

  • Modular Container Camp Units
  • Public Space Container Units
  • Residential Container Units
  • Special Container Units

Use PTH Container units in camp projects can offer a consolidated solution, including all the supporting amenities such as shower room, offices, entertainment room, laundry, restaurants, medical clinic, electrical and mechanical service rooms etc. Our designer will study the project requirements and provide the most cost efficient layout to suit the operation of the camps.

PTH Container units have been used for many different kinds of public areas, such as school, hospital, and hotel. Project can be tailored made to customers’ requirements and specifications.

Use PTH Container units for residence, they are strong, fire proof, water resistant and long lasting. Its application is flexible, and multiple units can be combined together. PTH Container units are easy to assemble. Customers can do it themselves to create their “Lovely living space”. PTH can also provide different kind of exterior finishing to suit customers’ specifications.

PTH special container units can be used in many areas. Our designer will provide the right solution to fit customers’ requirements, and modify our standard container units to fit the purpose, such as the equipping the planting room with weather control.


Product Design System

PTH employs over 100 design staffs and engineers, which provides custom made design services. PTH utilizes design software such as SAP2000, Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD architectural design, BIM etc. Based on the parameters of each project, we perform engineering calculation, analysis, and establish English report, architectural and structural working drawings, 3D modeling and respective digital animation.

Project Cases

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