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Steel structure

Hot-Selling Products For Double-C Structure 58.2m²

Size: 58.2m²
Usage: Accommodation


Solution Details

  • Accessory Production
  • Packaging And Logistic
  • Product Assembly

As a famous China Hot-Selling Products For Double-C Structure 58.2m² suppliers, PTH owns hundreds of fully automatic mechanized production lines,which ensures high production efficiency and timely delivery. PTH has a professional quality inspection team which takes strict quality control in each process, and make sure defect product never be delivered to client.

Individual components will be packaged separately, so the packaging size can be minimized. Consolidation of these individual packages onto skids will be helpful in the container loading and unloading, further reduce the manpower on site.

PTH products are manufactured from fully automatic production lines. Each component will be ink jet marked with its corresponding code, further enhance the ease of installation procedure. Installation package will include detailed drawings and video.

Prefab Container House Solutions

  • Double C Structure Camp Projects
  • Double C Structure Workshop
  • Public Building Project Double-C Structure

The Double-C structure is safe ,stable and high strength in structure. Integral molding, no welding, strong corrosion resistance, makes it suitable for mining areas, deserts and other harsh environments. When used in the camp project, the Double-C product can provide the overall solution for the camp, and could realize the construction of the office area, restaurant, dormitory and other functional areas in the camp.

The Double-C product is applied to small workshops and warehouses with a span of 16m and a height of 6m. Compared with traditional steel structure products, the usage of steel is lighter good in corrosion resistance, high performance in overall appearance, convenient in installation and relatively low in cost.

The double-C product is used in combination with ultra-light steel wall. which can be applied to hotels, schools, hospitals,residential houses, etc. It has a lot of advantages, such as beautiful appearance, safe structure, quick installation, relatively low cost, good earthquake resistance, energy saving and so on.

As a professional China Modular Container Camp units Suppliers and manufacturers,Zhejiang Putian Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. (also known as "PTH") has been dedicating itself to one-stop solution of low-rise Modular Container Camp units,company covering an area of more than 50000 square meters.we has the world most advanced light steel villa production line and the world most perfect container production line.The corporation has set up affiliated office in Canada ,and has exported Modular Container Camp units to over 100 countries and regions, with more than 2000 progects.find wholesale Modular Container Camp units for sale.


Product Design System

For large double-C structure, PTH’s design staffs and engineers utilizes design software SAP2000, Tekla for shop drawings. Based on the parameters of each project, we perform engineering calculation, analysis, and establish English report, architectural and structural working drawings, 3D modeling and respective digital animation.

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