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Flat-Pack Container House

Flat-Pack Container House

* Standard container house size:6058mm*2438mm*2591mm

* Height options:2791mm/ 2991mm/3191mm

* Welded integrated frame with PU foaming insulated roof

PTH flat pack container house is a modular structure that can be built quickly and easily. It is lightweight, airtight, and shock-resistant. The structure allows for unlimited compounding in both the longitudinal and transverse directions. It is a cost-effective and flexible way to build a home. It is also highly insulated and water-proof, which means it will not let in any moisture. Expandable container house can also be combined together to form a larger structure if needed.

  • Q355 steel structure is hot-dip galvanized and completed welding, coated with hot galvanized zinc 100g/m2+surface uses electrostatic powder treatment finish 100um.Q355 Steel is better than Q235 ,and with HDG treatment with powder spraying,it would keep the frame in high anti-corrosion .

  • For the sandwich panels,we remarks with density and thickness of both sides of steel sheets,in the same time,you can find the treatment with Aluminum zinc magnesium AMZ galvanized 100g/m2 with PE baking finish 20/5um. which can last more than 25 years.

  • For the roof ,our cases is PU foaming (45kg/m3 which meets standard of PIR)which has high integarity for the airtightness which would be better than common EPS sandwich panel or glass wool as roof insulation.

Flat-Pack Container Unit Type


For the PU foaming roof ,we have patent in China ,and we are the only factory who have this artcraft and patent in China.With PU foamed roof ,it has a good airtightness and strength.
PTH PU foaming integrated roof:
Will never have leakage problem
Normal detachable roof with glass
wool insulation:
Have roof leakage problem
0.45mm colored steel sheet,color is optional,Aluminized zinc galvanized AZ50g/m2+PE baking finish15/5um
70mmPU foaming roof,PU density 45kg/m3
0.40mm colored steel sheet, color is milky white , Aluminized Zinc galvanized 50g/m2+PE baking finish15/5um.
Roof drainage channel, width is 71mm, column organized drainage
Wall panel clip
Container top main beam section height is 160mm,profile is 3.0mm,Q355
Permitted loading: 1.50KN/m2
K value(Thermal conductivity): 0.024W/mK
R value(Thermal Resistance): 2.92 m2K/W


For the electrical system,we use quick plug system ,which would be much easier and faster for the installation ,it can easily handled by ppl without skill to install
Electricty Standard:
LED ceiling lamp: 2pcs x 30w LED ceiling lamps,

Switch: 1pc xsingle control switch (national standard rocker single control)

Socket: 2pcsx10A sockets,1pc x32A 3-level outdoor waterproof inlet socket. Option: adding air conditioner socket

Distribution box: 1pcx 8-circuit power distribution box, built-in 1pc x2P32A total circuit breaker
(with leakage protection),
1pcx 1P lighting circuit,
1pc x1P socket circuit

Process characteristics

Automatic robot welding:
All of our frames are made automatically by robots which keep the high precision and quick making speed .Our monthly delivery can reach 2000sets

Electrostatic powder spraying process:
Compared with traditional paint process, electrostatic powder spraying has the following advantages:
1. Electrostatic powder is more efficient: electrostatic powder is a one-time film forming, which can increase productivity by 30-40%
2. Electrostatic powder is more energy-saving: electrostatic powder can reduce energy consumption by about 30%
3. Less electrostatic powder pollution: no organic solvent volatilization.
4. High utilization rate of electrostatic powder: up to 95%, and the electrostatic powder can be used many times after recycling.
5. The performance of electrostatic powder coating film is good: the film thickness of electrostatic powder can reach 50-80μm at one time, and its adhesion, corrosion resistance and other comprehensive indicators are better than paint technology.
6. High yield of electrostatic powder: The electrostatic powder can be resprayed twice before curing. There are many types of electrosta++tic powder coating processes, and two common ones are electrostatic powder spraying and dipping.

Container House Options

2591/2791/2991/3191mm External Height
(Detachable Container House)
6058/7038/8020/9000mm External Length
(Detachable Container House)
2438/3025mm External Width
Dark Grey/White Grey/Red/Blue
PVC floor(Wood Grain)
PVC floor (Blue Spot)
PVC floor (Gray Spot)
50/60/75/100mm EPS Sandwich Panel
50/60/75/100mm Rock Wool Panel
50/60/75/100mm PU Panel
IEC Standard(International)
Rock Wool
PU Foaming
Steel Door
Aluminum Alloy Glass Sliding Door
Double Opened Door
Insect-proof Screen
Windproof Rollering Shutter
Security Bar
Air conditioning
Water heater
Basin and Toilet
Simple Shower Column/Glass Shower Room
Shower curtain
Besides the above common options, we can also customizeany other requirements.

Packaging Solution

Container size: 6000mm*2438mm*2591mm
Package method: flat pack
Loading Qty: 10 units per 40ft HQ
Container size: 6058mm*2438mm*2591mm
Package method: flat pack
Loading Qty: 4 units by 20ft soc
Container size: 6058mm*2438mm*2591mm
Package method: in bulk
Loading Qty: 6 units per 40ft HQ

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