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Long life-span up to 30 years
6000/6058mm 2591/2791/2991mm 2438mm
Length Height  Width
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Application & Advantages

Patented Technology
Long Life-Span
Easy to Install


Models Inquiry Length Width Height
CTR-FF1 Brochure 6000mm 2438mm 2591mm
CTR-FF2 Brochure 6000mm 2438mm 2791mm
CTR-FF3 Brochure 6000mm 2438mm 2991mm
CTR-FF4 Brochure 6058mm 2438mm 2591mm
CTR-FF5 Brochure 6058mm 2438mm 2791mm
CTR-FF6 Brochure 6058mm 2438mm 2991mm

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