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Double C structure camp projects solution

The Double C structure is safe ,stable and high strength in structure. It can meet different requirements through SAP2000 structure calculation check; Integral molding, no welding, strong corrosion resistance, makes it suitable for mining areas, deserts and other harsh environments. When used in the camp project, the Double C product can provide the overall solution for the camp, and could realize the construction of the office area, restaurant, dormitory and other functional areas in the camp. The whole building is composed of a portal frame, connected with the floor beams, the wall and roof . There is a support tie structure to have better the overall strength, the steel structure is used as the skeleton, and the sandwich panel is used as the maintenance system.


  • Worker Dormitory

  • Engineer Dormitory

Recreation area

  • Recreation area


  • Office

Kitchen and Canteen

  • Kitchen and Canteen

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