Where is The Manufacturer of The Reliable Container Living Room?


With the promotion of environmental protection everywhe […]

With the promotion of environmental protection everywhere in recent years, we can see that some expandable container houses are now being used in many places. Because this kind of house will be very clean to make and the cost of making it will be very low. Therefore, many construction sites like to use these materials to build houses.

So some friends want to know where to find a reliable container trailer manufacturer.

In fact, we all know that if we all want to find a reliable container trailer, then we can find out which manufacturer has gained more trust through some formal platforms. You should know that only a factory that is trusted by many people is a very reliable factory.

Each of us knows that container houses are also very important for each construction site. Let's all know that this place at the construction site is exposed to the wind and sunshine every day. Therefore, only when we all find a very reliable container house manufacturer can the products they produce be used with great confidence.

Zhejiang Putian Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. (also known as "PTH") has been dedicating itself to one-stop solution of low-rise prefabricated houses. The service ranges from architectural design, production, storage and transportation to installation instructions and after-sales service etc.

PTH’s container house is an energy conservation-saving and environmental-friendly modular house, composing of light steel frame and thermal insulation wall & roof system. The products are widely used for temporary residence, as well as public housing projects. The container house can withstand wind load 210km/h and the service life can be more than 10 years.

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