What Do You Want to Know about Modular Houses


Here are all the questions you want to know about modul […]

Here are all the questions you want to know about modular houses. Let's take a look at them next:

1. Can modular houses be produced according to customer's design?

Yes We already have some types of residential modules to choose from. We can also design and produce according to the plan provided by customers.

2. Is there a size limit for modular houses?

Because the modules need to be transported, there will be some size restrictions. Most of these restrictions are highway restrictions. Modular chemical plants can produce modules that are much larger than the limit sizes of highway viaducts and turnings.

One thing to note is that we are only talking about the size display of a single module. Modular buildings have no size limit, but only produce a few more modules.

3. How can modular houses be transported to the site?

Transport means can transport the modules directly from the factory to the site. Transport the modules to the project site through the same logistics plan as the production rate and site installation activities.

4. How are modular houses assembled and installed?

There will be mobile cranes on site to install the modules in place. A professional installation team will complete the on-site installation service of the module.

5. How does modular housing benefit the environment?

All materials purchased from suppliers must have quality certification and support sustainable development goals. The sustainability of a house also manifests itself in the use of materials, production methods and energy conservation throughout its life cycle. After the products meeting the requirements of sustainability are produced, they can also be measured by the recyclability and removability of components.

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