What Do You Know About Modular House?


Modular buildings are more and more appearing in people […]

Modular buildings are more and more appearing in people's careers, so what do you know about modular house? The following PTH to give us a little science:

1. What is modular architecture?

Modular buildings are manufactured in a factory environment and transported to pre-prepared project sites for installation. When the module leaves the factory, all the renovations have been completed, including complete toilet and kitchen facilities, and the occupants need only add furniture.

2. What are the benefits of modular architecture?


The construction speed is fast and the investment is saved

Quality products

Diversification of products

3. Which types of buildings can be built using modular products?

New rural residence

Affordable housing, commercial housing, office buildings, schools, hotels, commercial temporary buildings, resorts, villas and container solutions, etc.

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