What Are The Salient Advantages of Light Steel Frame?


The so-called "light gauge steel house" is mainly made […]

The so-called "light gauge steel house" is mainly made of light steel joists made of hot-dip galvanized steel strips through cold rolling technology. After accurate calculation and the support and combination of accessories, it has a reasonable bearing capacity to replace traditional houses.

Compared with traditional houses, light steel frame has its outstanding advantages:

(1) The light steel structure fittings in light steel frame are highly industrialized, mechanized and commercialized.

(2) The site construction in light steel frame is fast, which will not affect the nearby residents and is favorable for civilized construction.

(3) The steel structure buildings in light steel frame are environmentally friendly and sustainable development products.

(4) light steel frame has light weight and good seismic performance.

(5) The comprehensive economic index of light steel frame is not higher than that of reinforced concrete structure.

(6) Compared with brick-concrete residence, light steel frame can avoid the waste of resources caused by burning bricks with earth.

(7) Because the wall thickness of light steel structure is small, light steel frame can increase the effective use area compared with brick-concrete structure.

(8) Compared with reinforced concrete residential buildings in light steel frame, light steel structural steel can be recycled in the future, but concrete cannot be recycled. It will definitely be construction waste in the future, which will cause environmental pressure and it will take 40 years for concrete to dry completely. Therefore, it is easy to cause indoor moisture and humidity, which is not conducive to human health. However, light steel structures do not use concrete at all, so this problem does not exist.

(9) light steel frame has good seismic performance. As the earthquake moves left and right and up and down, the light steel structure connected together by screws forms a safe and stable box, and the collapse of the wall or the fall of the floor slab due to the shaking of the earthquake will not endanger personal safety.

(10) The dry construction method is adopted in the construction of light steel frame, which will not cause waste of water data. And the cost is saved.

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