What Are The Characteristics of Light Steel Structure Fabricated Residential Buildings?


What are the characteristics of light steel structure f […]

What are the characteristics of light steel structure fabricated residential buildings? Let's introduce from three aspects of flour:

1. Quick construction

Except for the foundation, all light steel structure components are produced by professional factories in a standardized way and assembled in modules. The construction process is simple and clear. The construction is not affected by climate and seasons. The construction Period can be shortened by more than 1/2 compared with traditional buildings.

Order at any time, build at any time, which is greatly short of the time taken to build Period and capital. Meizun Ecological Holiday House can be completed in 1.5 days.

2. Low carbon and environmental protection

New environmentally friendly building materials can be widely used in light steel structure residential buildings to reduce the environmental burden. Energy consumption is reduced by 65%-90%. Dry construction is 10% of the water consumption of traditional construction. Building materials can be recycled and 90% can be recycled.

Breathing wall improves the thermal insulation performance of the outer wall and reduces the energy consumption load of heating and air conditioning to achieve the effect of reducing carbon emissions.

3. Thermal insulation

In order to ensure the heat preservation effect of light steel structure residential buildings, the heat preservation and heat insulation materials used in the outer wall and roof of buildings can be used for a long time and can be used for heat preservation and heat insulation.

In light steel structure residential buildings, besides filling glass fibers between the wall columns in The Wall, a layer of thermal insulation material is pasted on the outer side of The Wall, which effectively cuts off the thermal bridge from the wall columns to the exterior wall panels. The thermal insulation layer of 100mm thick glass wool is equivalent to the thermal insulation performance of 1m thick brick wall. Experiments prove that the thermal conductivity of the exterior wall of this structural system is only 0.46.

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