What are The Advantages of Using Flat-pack Containers?


Shipping packaged containers have spread to all shippin […]

Shipping packaged containers have spread to all shipping countries in the world and show an irresistible trend of development.

Large packing boxes can be used not only in sea transportation, but also in railway and road transportation. It is not necessary to take out the goods when changing vehicles and vessels in the middle of the journey. Mechanized operation can be directly used to realize fast loading and unloading, eliminate heavy manual labor, reduce damage and loss of goods, simplify complicated procedures and realize fast vehicle and vessel turnover to reduce transportation costs.

In addition to paying attention to the price of sea containers, the use of packing boxes should also have specific advantages.

1. Simplification of Packaging

One of the advantages of using the packing box is that it can save the packing cost to a great extent, especially for some equipment and products that have already been preliminarily packed, even without secondary packing, it can be directly put into the packing box to realize unpackaged transportation of miscellaneous goods, which can save the packing cost for major enterprises.

2. Conducive to reducing the damage of goods

The use of packing boxes can also reduce the loss of goods and effectively improve the quality of freight. The packing box is a solid box made of different steel grades. After the goods are packed and sealed, there is no need to unpack and load them backwards during transportation. Even long-term transportation or rearrangement will cause damage to the internal goods. Due to the special sealing method of the packing box, it can also be stolen during transportation or lost due to moisture, pollution, etc.

3. Effectively reduce operating costs

The advantages of using the packing box also include reducing operating costs and transportation costs. As the packing box has good sealing performance, its loading and unloading will not be affected by bad weather, which is convenient to reduce the residence time of the ship and can improve the sailing rate of the ship and reduce the transportation cost for the transportation company. On the other hand, for the port, it can improve the throughput and the efficiency of cargo operation.

Packed containers bring people a new transportation method, which is of great significance to the development of the transportation industry. With the frequent economic and trade activities in the world, the amount of cross-border shipping between countries is also increasing. It can be predicted that the packed container transportation method will become a very potential market and will also play a very good role in promoting the development of the world economy.

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