What Are The Advantages of Flat Pack Container House?


In recent years, we have seen many flat pack container […]

In recent years, we have seen many flat pack container house, and more and more people live in them. No matter from the housing and office use of the facility project camp to the hotel apartment, entertainment and leisure facilities, etc. Let's follow the editor to understand what are the advantages of flat pack container house? Why do many people live in such a house?

The biggest feature of Flat pack container house is its professional design, which fully meets people's requirements for living, such as insulation, heat resistance, sound insulation, etc. The integrated house is not only professional, but also standardized, modular and universal. Integrated houses can be used for occupants or for storing goods. In the process of storing goods, you can choose according to the nature of the goods. For example, for some items that are prone to moisture, you can choose a wall with strong heat resistance to prevent air convection Produce moisture.

Flat pack container house can be used as office, accommodation, restaurant, bathroom and combined large space to meet the needs of construction site barracks, field camps, municipal resettlement houses and various commercial houses. Currently widely used in China, Europe, Japan, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and other regions.


①Modularization: Fast installation-an average of 4 workers can complete a single box installation in 3 hours, or the entire box can be moved after assembly, which is convenient and quick. In this way, several fixed functional room layouts can be set. According to different usage requirements, the houses with various functions can be flexibly combined in 360 degrees to form a large space, making them a stereotyped product and mass production possible; combination Flexible-can be used in a single box, can be combined into an open large space, three layers can be stacked in the vertical direction; safe and durable-the service life is more than 15 years, the seismic intensity is 8 degrees, and the wind resistance is 11; It is equipped with roofs, corridors, canopies, and stairs of different shapes. In addition, there are special bathroom boxes and kitchen boxes to choose from, and the appearance and interior can be decorated according to needs.

②Highly integrated: the site does not need to be decorated twice, and can be moved in by hoisting and setting; it can be moved as a whole: the site can be moved as a whole without disassembly and assembly, which greatly reduces the cost of on-site secondary utilization.

③Low transportation cost: transportation advantage-after flattening and compression, every 4 sets are equivalent to the size of a standard 20-foot container, saving 3/4 of the freight; 1 40-foot high container can load 6 sets. Considering the distance to the destination and the convenience of on-site installation, you can choose full container transportation, flat compressed transportation or container container transportation, or the house can be prefabricated in the factory and then hoisted and transported as a whole. The body is divided into several parts: roof, ground, pillars, and plates. Several houses can be packaged into a container-sized independent package for direct ocean transportation, effectively saving long-distance transportation costs.

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