Visit The Container Camp and Experience A Different Flavor


Autumn is approaching soon, which is the most beautiful […]

Autumn is approaching soon, which is the most beautiful season in the suburbs of Beijing. In this time when the sky is high and the colorful leaves are colorful, I heard that there is an outdoor leisure container camp in Miyun, which uses containers as guest rooms, which is quite distinctive. You can invite a few friends to visit and experience.

Living in a farmhouse full of rural flavor, living in such a container hotel hidden in the woods will have a special feeling. As soon as I entered the camp, I was immediately attracted by the colorful containers. Each container was painted in bright colors, and against the backdrop of the autumn leaves in the forest, people immediately fell in love with this place. Outside each container hotel room, the owner also thoughtfully designed a small terrace with a hanging chair, so that you can have a good place to release your laziness in your leisure afternoon.

The appearance is so beautiful and special, of course we care more about the internal facilities of the container hotel rooms. The boss took us into a standard room, and saw that the decoration style was modern and simple, with wooden floors, white sheets, independent toilets... the facilities were not inferior to the standard rooms of star hotels. It is particularly worth mentioning that each room is equipped with air-conditioning and floor heating facilities. Even though the mountains are already cold in the morning and evening, the floor heating in the room still feels warm and comfortable. Since the day was not a weekend, there were not many guests. The hospitable boss also took us to visit other room types such as triple rooms and multi-person suites. He reminded us in particular that due to the small scale of the camp, there are only 16 rooms in the container hotel. It is best to book in advance to catch up with weekends or holidays.

Having said that, when it was time for lunch, we chose to dine in the camp’s restaurant. The exterior of the restaurant is also a huge container, including two private rooms are also designed to look like containers. The restaurant specializes in fresh and authentic farmer’s dishes, but it is more attentive and exquisite in the preparation and presentation, allowing you to enjoy the deliciousness and feast your eyes. Farm dishes are very fresh and delicious, and there are also innovations, such as a grape-fried corn, which is bright in color, sweet and sour, and impressive.

In the afternoon, some of the friends who came with me chose to stay in a daze on the hanging chair in the camp, and there were also energetic companions who wanted to "expedition" in the mountains after the camp. The boss told us that there is a good hiking trail behind the camp, which can take a few hours. There are also villagers’ orchards nearby, where you can pick apples, crisp dates, walnuts, chestnuts and other fruits and dried fruits in time. So a few people set off enthusiastically. Along the way we have to pass through the village, and then follow the small road uphill. The road is not difficult to walk, the surrounding scenery is charming, and the clear mountain streams can be seen from time to time. It is not hard to walk for an hour.

In the evening, when we returned to the camp, the boss also carefully arranged a "show" for us. It turned out that the boss is a senior outdoor camping enthusiast, with all equipment such as RV, outdoor generator, projector, audio and so on. "There are also many entertainments in the camp at night. You can watch open-air movies, sing karaoke, and watch the game together." The boss smiled and said, "Look at that area. It is a special barbecue area. You can come next time. You can experience your own barbecue."

After chatting with the boss, I realized that he had been engaged in outdoor product sales and field activity organization. "I am from Miyun. I originally planned to go home and find a place to invite friends to play together. Later, I happened to watch it outside. When I arrived at the container restaurant, the idea of ​​building a container hotel was born. The camp was only put into trial operation on'October' this year. At present, the response from tourists has been good. Next year, I plan to increase investment and continue to improve the supporting facilities here." The boss said .

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