Use The Mobility Elements of Container Houses


At present, the biggest problem in investing in camps i […]

At present, the biggest problem in investing in camps in China is the unresolved problem of land construction indicators. The expandable container house can take advantage of the particularity of container construction as a form of accommodation. Its mobility element defines that there is no requirement for land, and any piece of land can be placed.

Through several containers, some overheads are generated at different angles and heights, and spaces such as balconies and corridors can be presented. The parallel, dislocation, and diagonal of the planes create space.

The centralized vertical spatial relationship commonly used by containers, which varies in length, can produce some open-air balconies; angle rotation can produce some irregular balconies and rain shelters, and the misalignment relationship can create balconies in different directions.

Foreign designers have had a big brainstorming to transform "RVs" with containers. Not only is it flexible, it also saves time and environmental protection, and most importantly, it's cool!

All living facilities are complete, and the space pattern can be switched at any time according to user needs. The interesting container space is time-saving, convenient and cool.

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