Types of Container Houses and Attention to Use


PTH is a professional manufacturer of container houses. […]

PTH is a professional manufacturer of container houses. Today, I will tell you what are the differences between container mobile houses, container villas, residential containers, and container mobile houses? If you are interested, let's read on.

1. Container mobile house

Container mobile house is a type of mobile house. It is temporarily assembled on site. The foundation must be made first, and then pieces of color steel sandwich panels are installed on the light steel frame. This kind of mobile house is generally used on construction sites.

2. Container villa

Container villas are relatively high-end container houses. You can contact container house manufacturers for design and custom production.

3. Residential containers, container mobile houses

Residential containers and container mobile houses can be understood as the same product. They are new-style mobile houses that have become popular in recent years. They are economical and practical. They have quickly become popular because of the rent of 6 yuan a day.

When you use PTH products, in order to avoid unnecessary losses and truly create a safe and comfortable environment for you, please pay attention to the following:

1. The foundation must be constructed in strict accordance with the dimensions required by the drawings to avoid sinking and deformation.

2. The indoor floor of the container mobile house must be 50mm higher than the outdoor floor to prevent water from the outside ground from flowing into the room through the ground beam.

3. It is strictly forbidden to burn open flames in the container activity room.

4. The customer's area is a lightning zone, please install lightning protection facilities.

5. Strong current and weak points must be protected and installed with line pipes.

6. The structure, components and facilities of the prefabricated container house cannot be disassembled or modified at will to avoid structural risks. Please contact us if you need to change it.

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