The Past and Present Life of Container Building


Today, let's analyze past lives of container building. […]

Today, let's analyze past lives of container building. Interested partners will continue to look down.

Container Architecture-Past Life

Malcom P.McLean, founder of container shipping, used box structure for transportation in Britain, which started in the 18th century. In World War II, the United States began to use uniform size containers to load and unload goods, greatly improving efficiency. In 1955, Malcom P.McLean, an American auto entrepreneur, bought a shipping company and put forward the idea of transporting truck carriages and goods onto ships all the time.

Worldwide, the vast majority of bulk goods are transported by container. Container shipping is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with less carbon emissions. The most important thing is that up to 98% of the containers are recyclable.

Container-This Life

Container buildings include buildings with various purposes, structures, shapes and functions, and all of these buildings have one thing in common: use ISO standard containers.

Just like building blocks when I was a child, containers always appear in unexpected forms in front of the public. Whether it is a public building such as exhibition hall, activity venue, private residence or dormitory, or even a temporary building, buildings of any format and various functions can be completed by containers.

Because container construction is cheap and environmentally friendly, assembly is quick and simple. With the prevalence of the concept of environmental protection and high efficiency in the construction field, container construction is developing more and more rapidly. More and more architects use containers to complete their works. Container construction has advantages over other forms of construction under certain circumstances. For example, under tight budget, complicated terrain and short construction period, container construction is the best choice.

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