The Importance of Material Selection to Light Steel Villas


Light steel villa is a new concept, the structure has t […]

Light steel villa is a new concept, the structure has the characteristics of stability, it belongs to the category of light steel construction, refers to the use of light steel villa layout, for the purpose of long-term residence of the people, suitable for long-term daily living.

The framework of light steel villas mainly includes cold-formed steel, hot-rolled or welded H-shaped steel, T-shaped steel, welding and their combined components. Lightweight boards such as gypsum board, PC board, autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete board (ALC board), color steel plate, etc. are used as the maintenance structure. The use of steel framework increases the indoor use space, the room divider is more flexible, and the roof shape is colorful. The use of lightweight panels allows more choices for the types and colors of outdoor decoration materials, which can give full play to the imagination of architects to design beautiful, applicable, healthy and environmentally friendly "green buildings". This kind of light steel villa system Generally low-rise or multi-storey light steel villas or houses.

The structural system of light steel structure house is very different from that of traditional brick-concrete structure or concrete structure house. It is mainly composed of light steel structure system, floor structure system and maintenance structure system.

PTH’s Light Gauge Steel (LGS) systems are manufactured from FrameCAD software and Heyes cold forming technology, which is the state-of-the-art fully automatic production line with tolerance to 0.5 mm. LGS studs are made from high strength G550 steel with AZ150 coating, it possesses light weight, high strength and anti-corrosion treatment, with an over 50 years life expectancy.