The Flat Pack Container House is Suitable for Mass and Rapid Construction


Flat pack container house is the third-generation conta […]

Flat pack container house is the third-generation container house, which can also be called high-end container house.

1. The flat pack container house unit is standardized in size (generally 3 meters wide and 6 meters long). Due to the need for sea and land combined transportation, the external dimensions are strictly limited. Except for individual containers which are specially customized, most of the container dimensions are standardized.

2. The structure of flat pack container house is stable and safe. PTH's flat pack container house can usually guarantee a structure cycle of more than ten years. It can also maintain a longer use time under better maintenance conditions or with other structures such as concrete. .

3. The flexibility of the flat pack container house. The advantage of the flat pack container house is the flexibility of construction. When the part needs to be updated and reconstructed, it can be replaced with a new box. When it needs to be removed and dismantled, it can be easily disassembled and rebuilt in another place. .

4. Suitable for high-volume rapid construction (such as Huoshenshan Hospital)

5. Realize the standard of hardcover, check in with bags, avoid the trouble of second decoration and move in quickly.

6. The building is clean and beautiful as a whole, which improves the comfort of staying.

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