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What should I pay attention to when maintaining residen […]

What should I pay attention to when maintaining residential containers?

1. Organize relevant personnel to regularly inspect and maintain the construction of temporary buildings;

2. Measures should be taken to deal with problems and potential safety hazards discovered during the inspection process;

3. Before the reassembly of the movable house within the specified years of turnover, the main components should be inspected and maintained, and only those that meet the quality requirements can be used.

There is another note in the maintenance of residential containers, that is, the maintenance of container house accessories must comply with the following regulations:

① The welds of the load-bearing frame shall not be opened, and the severely corroded welds shall be repaired by rust removal;

②After repairing the movable link parts of the accessories, apply anti-rust oil to protect them;

③When parts and plates are bent and deformed, they should be repaired or replaced in time;

④ When doors, windows and accessories are broken or damaged, they should be repaired or replaced in time.

The above is about the matters needing attention when using PTH residential containers. But now more people choose flat pack container house. The convenience of flat pack container house is unmatched by welded residential container. No crane is required for installation, and it can be completed by three to four workers in one day.

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