Steps of Building A Shipping Container House


Interested in a container home? Today more and more peo […]

Interested in a container home? Today more and more people are turning to container architecture for their building needs. Why? Container house make an affordable, convenient and eco-friendly raw building material. Their appeal lies in their simplicity: you order the number of units you need, you have them delivered to your site by flatbed truck and trailer, then construction begins.They are strong, durable, cheap, eco-friendly (compared to traditional materials) and allow for modular designs. There is little time lapse between the design and construction phase of a container build.

How to Choose a Shipping Container:

PTH standard container house size is 6058mm*2438mm*2591mm,height option is 2791mm / 2991mm/3191mm. It adopts welded integrated frame with PU foaming insulated roof and all-welded integrated chassis. Based on traditional container, its profile material, drainage system and power system have great advantage, which lower the installation difficulty and save installation time. PTH adopts fully automatic production line such as robot welding, which can reduce the manual error and improve the uniformity of the weld seam. This efficient way can greatly accelerate the production speed, and provide strong technical support for the “seven-day delivery” of the standard container.

What to Know Before You Build a Container Home:

You could buy a completed container home from a builder.If possible, one of the things we chose to change was to find a contractor to assist the entire manufacturing process, instead of using one contractor to obtain and modify the container and another to complete the internal assembly.Zhejiang Putian Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. (also known as "PTH") has been dedicating itself to one-stop solution of low-rise prefabricated houses. The service ranges from architectural design, production, storage and transportation to installation instructions and after-sales service etc.

How To Solve The Waterproof Problem Of Container House:

Container uses integrated welding foaming roof,PU density:45kg/sqm.PU foaming integrated roof can effectively prevent the water leakage .

Independent drainage system includes the gutters on the roof and seepage hole in bottom wall panel groove. Four columns are equipped with rainwater pipes and corner fittings' outfall. The water-falling mode is upgraded from free-falling water to column organized drainage. Meanwhile, the water seepage hole in the wall panel groove can effectively avoid rainwater infiltrating from the bottom.


PTH provides customers with systematic integrated house solutions covering the whole process from project planning, scheme and construction drawing design, Purchase and producing, transporting and installing to project management.

Project Planning:Customers can forward enquires to us via e-mails, and our sales representatives will contact you through e-mails, telephone and/or other online communication.

In the consulting stage, according to customers' requirements, PTH will combine the climatic conditions with the application requirements of the construction site to provide similar cases for client's reference from thousands of successful project cases in the past.

For specific projects, PTH can provide customers with CITIC Bank loan guarantees and financing services to solve customers' financial problems.

Drawing design:PTH employs over 100 design staffs and engineers from local and overseas, which provides custom made design services. PTH utilizes design software such as Sketch Up, Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD architectural design, PKPM, 3D3S, SAP2000 Structural design, Tekla, FrameCad detail structural design etc. Based on the parameters of each project, we establish the architectural modeling and its respective digital animation and renderings. At the moment, we have finished the development of all the Revit modeling of our current products, further enhancing the details of our design and three dimensional modeling for our customers.

Purchase:PTH has a mature procurement supply chain, including product raw materials, kitchen and bathroom accessories, home equipment and other supporting facilities. Each year, PTH conducts quality assessments of suppliers, resolutely rejects unqualified suppliers, and guarantees the quality of products from the source.

Production:PTH, who has hundreds of fully automatic mechanized production lines, can combine with efficient production arrangements to provide a powerful guarantee for the timely delivery of customer orders.In the manufacturing process, PTH can provide production progress reports to customers through pictures and videos.PTH has a professional quality inspection team that each product process will go through a rigorous quality inspection and the products which cannot meet the quality standards will never be shipped.It is convenient for customers or those third parties commissioned by customers to conduct factory inspections.

Transporting:PTH, who has more than 20 years of international logistics experience, can provide customers with the best transportation routes, customs declaration, commodity inspection and other services, and truly realizes "door to door."

Installing:PTH will provide complete and detailed installation drawings for the product.

PTH has professional photography and post-production personnel who can provide installation videos for the product and intuitively demonstrate the installation steps and installation details of the product.PTH owns on-site installation guidance experience for dozens of projects such as Mozambican light steel villa resorts, Chilean container camps, etc. It can provide EPC construction services and technical guidance according to the needs of customers to ensure the smooth and safe construction of the houses required by customers and realize real "Check-in".

Project Management:We manage and operate the whole project with BIM system.

For the post-maintenance of completed projects, PTH can provide remote telephone consultation and guidance according to customer needs.PTH can provide on-site maintenance and repair services according to customer requirements for the post-maintenance of completed projects.