Steel Structure Will Become A Hot Spot In The Construction Industry


In the future, the way of building our houses will be c […]

In the future, the way of building our houses will be changed. In the future, steel structure building will be the main direction of building. What are the major problems facing steel structure houses?

In our country, some enterprises introduced light steel structure at the beginning of this century, which has been applied in commercial real estate, tourist attractions, rural self-building and other fields.

The performance of light steel structure is far better than that of traditional brick-concrete residence, which has long been criticized for its lack of shock resistance and comfort. Now light steel houses have entered our life, let's take a look at the advantages of light steel houses.

1. Light steel houses are very safe and 9 degrees earthquake resistant. Typhoon level 12 can be prevented, and the roof bears 1.5 meters of snow. This is because the steel keel is light and strong, is a high-quality building material, and has good ductility and toughness.

2. The construction speed of light steel houses is very fast. The construction period of a 200㎡ house is within one month. This is because the components of light steel houses are all produced in factories and can be directly assembled by workers after being transported to the site, so the time consumption is very short.

3. Light steel houses are highly industrialized, mechanized and commercialized. The main materials needed for building houses are all produced in factories, and the raw materials are processed by mechanical equipment with high efficiency, low cost and good quality. Most of these equipments have imported advanced foreign technologies, and many large enterprises' new housing products have international quality.

4. 80% of the materials in light steel houses can be recycled. Judging from the main materials, the steel will not grow worms or become rotten wood with the passage of time, and can be recycled after being dismantled for several years, which is very environment-friendly and economical.

5. The service life of the main structure of light steel houses is 90 years, which is 3 times that of traditional houses. Our traditional houses have become dilapidated buildings in 30 years. Light steel houses have good durability and are very cost-effective.

In the near future, both urban residential buildings with heavy steel structure and rural residential buildings with light steel structure will be spread all over the country. Steel structure residence will become an important architectural form.

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