Steel Structure Processing, Quality is The Key


If the quality of steel structure processing is not sat […]

If the quality of steel structure processing is not satisfactory, it will inevitably cause many safety hazards to the later construction of steel structure projects, and even the normal use of engineering buildings, so we must grasp the quality from the source.

1. Control of raw materials

The quality and safety of steel structure processing starts from the purchase of raw materials. The safety performance of raw materials directly determines the quality performance of later component processing. We must inspect and check the various properties of raw materials to ensure that the quality is up to standard.

2. Fine cutting

why? If there is a large deviation in the cutting, then the subsequent assembly and welding will definitely cause major errors, which will affect the construction quality and safe use of the steel structure project, as well as the service life.

3. Welding quality

Welding quality must be firmly controlled. Most of the steel structure processing is based on welding. Therefore, welding quality is the top priority. All welding personnel must be certified, and each welding process must be carried out in accordance with the operating procedures and specifications. After welding, check whether there are any quality problems such as cracks on the surface of the steel structure.

4. Painting quality

After the welding and assembly are completed and the rust removal of the components is to be carried out, we come to the painting link. The steel structure painting link is also very important, because the steel structure itself is not fire-resistant and corrosion-resistant, so we must make steel Fire protection and corrosion protection of structural parts. Anti-corrosion paint is the same as fire-proof paint, and it must be finished with quality and quantity.

Steel structure production requires many links, many processes and multiple processes to complete. Any error in any one production link will affect the next link. Therefore, in terms of quality management, the next link is actually the quality inspection of the previous link. If it fails, we have the right to return the component to the previous production process and enter the next process after it is qualified.

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