Steel Structure Develop in Green Environmental Protection


Traditional construction industry depends on concrete, […]

Traditional construction industry depends on concrete, large energy consumption and recovery difficulty, how to find a more environmentally friendly building materials new topic for the construction of green revolution.
Steel structure with the advantage of Light weight,Quickly Construction,Environmental ,Save Enery Can completely adapt to the construction of the green revolution, the future large-scale use of steel structure in construction technology, not only can adapt to industrial upgrading, to implement the construction energy conservation and environmental protection concept.

Steel structure has good seismic performance construction speed is quick The characteristics of the steel can be recycled, which also meet the requirements of the current green building, but is not very good application in civil construction, high cost is the direct cause.

Steel structure of the pilot work already, but the overall development lags behind, the main reason is not formed its own industrial development, design and bulky.

In fact, in recent years our country to develop energy-saving and ground-saving type construction, promoting housing industrialization, steel structure green energy-saving residential construction has resulted in the development of the spring.

Hope the publicity and show the advantages of steel structure housing industry and development prospects, boost the real steel structure industry to develop in the direction of green environmental protection, especially in terms of components of coating, to solve the pollution problems of steel structure production.

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