Six Applications about Container Houses


The application scope of container houses in my country […]

The application scope of container houses in my country is getting wider and wider. PTH container house manufacturers have expanded the application scope of container houses to six major fields including commercial applications, engineering applications, environmental protection applications, military applications, disaster relief applications and high-tech applications. Let's take a closer look:

1. Commercial applications

Container houses make full use of the advantages of flexible combination, easy movement and strong plasticity, and have made a world out of fashion.

2. Engineering application

The application of container houses is mainly based on container offices. On the one hand, containers can be used as office space. On the other hand, containers can be used as accommodation, shower rooms and other spaces, allowing office accommodation to be integrated.

3. Environmental protection application

In recent years, container houses have moved from a specialized system to an environmentally friendly system, following the environmental protection concept of green and energy saving, and creating new construction products one after another.

4. Military applications

PTH's tailor-made container barracks are an outstanding representative of the military application of container houses.

5. Disaster relief application

Container resettlement houses show an unparalleled advantage in the disaster. For example, after the Great Earthquake in Japan, PTH used container houses as prototypes to quickly innovate container resettlement houses. This building form has good seismic and wind resistance, and the walls have also been excellently improved in terms of thermal insulation.

6. High-tech applications

The container house is not only involved in the applications in the residential and commercial fields, but also in the transformation of high-tech fields. At present, the domestic unmanned container supermarket is a collection of the most advanced technical support in the domestic scientific and technological field, such as big data, biometrics, artificial intelligence and many other technologies.

Container house prospects:

The existence of container houses is a major change in the temporary construction industry. It overturns the traditional architectural concept, uses containers as carriers, and transforms different types of buildings. These buildings are more green and environmentally friendly than traditional buildings.

As the development of container houses in the domestic market becomes more and more mature, PTH-based container house providers will further increase the transformation and innovation of container houses to allow container houses to move to the world.

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