Pth-The Housing System Solution Expert, Forged Ahead for Twenty Years


1998, it was a usual year for many people, but for Mr. […]

1998, it was a usual year for many people, but for Mr. Zhang Rutang, the founder of PTH, this was a year of special significance for him and a turning point in his life. In 1998, Mr. Zhang Rutang officially founded the PTH brand.

Zhejiang Putian Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. (also known as "PTH") has been dedicating itself to one-stop solution of low-rise prefabricated houses. The service ranges from architectural design, production, storage and transportation to installation instructions and after-sales service etc.Now, its main products can be divided into four categories, which are container house, double-C structure, light gauge steel and steel structure building.

‘PTH has been founded for 21 years from a young company to today’s housing system solution expert. The secret to become a leader in the steel structure industry is expanding scale of production to ensure productivity as well as constantly improving and developing new products.’ Said by Mr. Zhang Rutang, ‘Since the establishment of the factory, we have continuously introduced advanced equipment at home and abroad. Currently, PTH has world leading container and light steel villa production lines. Annual production capacity of different types of buildings can reach 500,000 square meters.’

PTH has an independent R&D design center with more than 100 R&D designers and technical engineers. In June of this year, PTH's two new types of container houses, detachable container houses and flat-pack container houses, have been developed and put into production, and are now well received by customers. Compared with the old models, the new container is more convenient to install and transport, with longer service life and more price advantage. The parts of the new container house are produced by automation equipment such as the automatic welding robot arm and the automatic spraying equipment, which not only improves production efficiency, but also reduces production costs. The unitized design of the parts effectively reduces the packaging volume of the products, and the transportation cost is greatly reduced compared with the conventional-packed containers.

‘What the customer wants is a product which is cheap and beautiful. How to reduce costs, improve quality, and deliver PTH products to customers more efficiently? All of our product development is carried out around this purpose.’ Said Mr. Zhang Rutang.

Only facts can prove strength. There are more than 2,000 cases worldwide in PTH’s official website. So far, PTH products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions such as Peru, Chile, Brazil, the United States, the Philippines, and Laos. These typical projects are highly praised by customers: container camps in Kazakhstan, light gauge steel villa resort in Mozambique, double-c school in Peru. The customer establishes a long-term relationship after initial cooperation with PTH.

PTH‘s commitment is providing customers with one-stop system solutions for design, manufacturing, transportation, installation, and we give best effort to it. We will continue to move forward, strive to develop, constantly improve, and strictly control every level of the product. We are PTH, we are the housing system solution expert.