PTH Promises To Do Its Best To Provide One-Stop Service For Our Customers


PTH is a state-level high-tech enterprise. Its success […]

PTH is a state-level high-tech enterprise. Its success is attributed to its continuous attention to new products and technological innovation. PTH has developed its products from heavy steel structures to various types of prefabricated buildings and integrated buildings.

PTH firmly believes that "professionalism and innovation" is its business purpose and strives to become an expert in your housing solutions. It creates wealth for society and adds value to customers. Like sunny skies and Crystal Spring Tea, further improvement of our living and working environment is the goal pursued by the road to peace.

When natural disasters occurred in remote areas and the government sought quick sanitation and housing facilities, we were proud that the public health department responded to the demand in a timely manner. We work with frontline aid agencies to provide temporary and permanent facilities such as schools, clinics and housing. PTH firmly believes that by integrating a strong sense of social responsibility into the company's development strategy and its daily operations and development, PTH will become a socially recognized organization, further enhancing the society's understanding of the coexistence of human beings and economic development.

Through PTH's most advanced production, we can provide environmentally friendly and energy-saving products, avoid construction waste, protect natural water resources, and create a series of green industries, such as fuel and water storage, storm management. All these are the guarantees of PTH's green activities.

PTH promises to do its best to provide one-stop service for our customers, including design, manufacturing, logistics and on-site assistance. We believe that with strong management support through discipline and sustainable development, economic and social benefits will be rewarded, and the corporate mission will be realized by improving the living and working environment.

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