PTH Mobile Home, The Importance of Fire Protection In Winter


The temperature in winter is gradually decreasing. Howe […]

The temperature in winter is gradually decreasing. However, the construction of many construction sites has not stopped. We can see that the mobie home of a building is the residence of the construction workers. Then these construction workers need to keep warm in the winter in the movable board room.

Everyone knows that the mobile home is a temporary building that has a wide range of functions and plays an important role.

For the PTH mobile home, it is very important to do fire protection in winter, because at this moment, the fire has entered a peak period. So how do you do fire prevention work during the dry season in winter?

1. First, refuse to use high-power appliances in the mobile home, equipped with appropriate fire-fighting facilities, and maintain a certain safe distance between mobile homes.

2. Of course, in the construction of mobile homes, building materials with flame retardant effect should be selected to better achieve the effect of fire prevention and further ensure the safety of the use of mobile homes.

3. Nowadays, the mobile homes are not comparable to the previous ones, and the fire performance and thermal insulation performance have been greatly improved. This is also the benefit brought by scientific and technological progress.

4. So choose the layer of fire performance as much as possible, although the price has improved, if a fire occurs, it will not be worth the candle.

Through the reasonable combination of these measures, the safety of the mobile home is also very good, and the use of mobile homes is better.

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