PTH Light Steel Villas Are Designed According To Different Regions


With the rise of tourism fever at home and abroad, ligh […]

With the rise of tourism fever at home and abroad, light steel structure houses have become the first choice for building houses in many tourist and leisure scenic spots. The light steel villa house built by PTH have finished products in all parts of the country. PTH has also set up branches in Canada and exported its products to more than 100 countries and regions.

PTH light steel villa has many performances that traditional houses cannot achieve. First of all, it is very safe, anti-seismic 9 degrees, to meet the seismic requirements of the whole country, because the load-bearing structure of the whole house is light steel keel structure, steel structure has very good ductility and toughness, will never collapse in the earthquake; Light steel villas also have typhoon-proof performance, and are safe from 12-grade typhoons. If they are on islands, they can also have corresponding reinforcement measures. Light steel villas can also withstand heavy snowstorms. They are designed to bear 1.5 meters of snow. There is no problem for solar water heaters, battery panels and other equipment to be placed on the roof.

Secondly, it is very comfortable to live in. PTH light steel villas are designed according to different regions. For example, in cold areas in the north, the emphasis is on heat preservation, while in hot and humid areas in the south, the emphasis is on heat insulation and moisture resistance. The condition for realizing these performances is to produce a large number of high-quality building materials, doors and windows and other supporting equipment. Due to the progress of production technology, these products have become very mature and can meet our needs for building light steel villas. So we have a light steel villa with warm winter and cool summer.

In addition, it is also very beautiful. PTH light steel villas are designed in various styles, such as English, American, Mediterranean, Nordic style, retro quadrangles, etc. PTH light steel villa has a variety of shapes, one-story, two-story and three-story. The indoor structural layout is flexible and varied, and can be adjusted according to needs. Light steel villas are also very rich in color, red, white, gray and yellow, which can be low-key luxurious or colorful.

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