Prefabricated Houses are Mainly Divided into Three Development Modes


Prefabrication, that is, prefab housing, is a house bui […]

Prefabrication, that is, prefab housing, is a house built by prefabricating some or all components of a building in a factory and then transporting them to the construction site to assemble the components through reliable connection.

It is called Residential industrialization or industrialized residence in Europe, America and Japan. China prefabricated houses are mainly divided into three development modes.

1. Prefabricated reinforced concrete structure

Prefabricated concrete structure is a concrete structure formed by taking prefabricated concrete members as main components, assembling, connecting and combining parts of cast-in-situ concrete.

PC component is a finished concrete component formed by factory production of component processing enterprises.

PC residence has many advantages such as high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, cost reduction, residential function and performance.

2. Light steel structure

Light gauge steel house is characterized by light weight, large span, good wind and earthquake resistance, excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation and other indicators. It is a green building system with high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and in line with the policy of sustainable development.

It is suitable for villas, multi-storey houses, holiday villages and other civil buildings, as well as for adding floors to buildings and changing roofs to slopes. Pre-assembled walls include pre-installed exterior wall enclosure, thermal insulation and windows.

3. Prefabricated Container house

Taking containers as basic modules and adopting manufacturing mode, the structural construction and internal decoration of each module are completed by assembly line manufacturing in the factory and then transported to the project site, which can be quickly combined into different house buildings with different styles according to different purposes and functions. What are the characteristics of light-gauge steel fabricated residential buildings?

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