Precautions for Steel Structure Construction


Today we will talk about what issues should be paid att […]

Today we will talk about what issues should be paid attention to in the construction of steel structures?

1. Before the steel column is hoisted, the steel structure engineering installation should strictly control the root elevation, measure accurately, and carefully level the surface of the root according to the measured value; if the secondary grouting method is used, the bottom of the column Irrigation holes are made on the board, the unevenness at the bottom of the steel column is leveled with a steel backing plate, and the steel plate of the column foot support is placed in advance according to the planned elevation, and then secondary grouting is adopted.

2. The straightness error of the steel structure engineering column is too large. The pre-control method The steel column should be hoisted in place according to the calculated hoisting point, and the hoisting method above two points should be used. The hoisting should be fixed to prevent the hoisting deformation; the column should be in place Temporary support should be added in time afterwards; the straightness error should be corrected before fixing.

3. Before pouring the concrete foundation by the steel column displacement pre-control method, use the shaping chuck to clamp the embedded bolts according to the planned orientation to prevent displacement when the concrete is irrigated; the reserved holes of the column low steel plate should be enlarged and the hole position should be determined. Make reserved holes.

4. After the columns and beams are installed, when the profiled steel plates for pouring the floor slabs are not installed, in order to facilitate the construction of steel structure projects such as column bolts, an appropriate number of walkway slabs should be laid on the steel beams. The steel beam is equipped with storage equipment such as electric welders, air compressors, and acetylene bottles. In order to facilitate the construction of steel structure engineering, the steel ladder must be fixed on the steel column before lifting the column. In order to facilitate the fastening of high-strength bolts and welding of the column and beam nodes, the hanging basket scaffold shall be installed under the column and beam nodes.

5. Electrical machinery and equipment used in construction must be grounded, and glass, broken wires and cables must not be used to prevent equipment leakage. The electrical and electrical equipment and mechanical cables used in the construction of steel structures must be gathered together and raised section by section with the construction of the floor. Each floor must be equipped with a distribution box for the construction of each floor. When the wind speed reaches 15m/s, all work must be stopped. During construction, attention should be paid to fire prevention, and necessary fire extinguishing equipment and fire guards should be provided.

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